Marjorie Cooper has worked in the Early Childhood field supporting children and families in different inclusive settings for over 40 years and of which 24 years has been in management. Marjorie strongly believes in the Community Options vision of "Strong families for a strong community." As a leader she values communicating, working as a team player and enabling her staff to be the best that they can be. Marjorie has been with Community Options since 2008 and has taken on many roles including volunteering management, community liaison, fundraising and event coordinator, data collector, human resource manager and most recently Director of Community Preschool Education. Marjorie also works on a part time basis as a validator with Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services doing visits around the province for Child Care and Out of School Centres who want to become accredited. Marjorie also believes in giving back to the community and volunteers at different community events as well as being a board member with 124th Street Drop-In Association. In her spare time Marjorie loves spending time with her family and taking trips to the mountains for some peaceful relaxation.