Empowered families building inclusive communities


Community Options supports the diverse needs of children and their families through inclusive early childhood education and community initiatives.

Organizational Beliefs and Principles

We Believe

  • Children and families have the right to options for quality care and early learning services.
  • Inclusive early learning and care environments strive to find ways to include all children and remove barriers that prevent children from actively participating.
  • In providing quality programs that meet or exceed municipal, regional, provincial and federal regulations.
  • In providing families support in making informed decisions about quality care, early learning and inclusive services for their children.
  • Children and families should be nurtured and respected.
  • Strong families are part of a strong community.
  • Volunteers are vital and valuable.

We Value


  • With children and families
  • Collaboration and partnerships with other organizations
  • Between staff, leaders and students
  • With volunteers

Community Inclusion

  • Zero Rejection: Children and families are included in any community or school program, activity or classroom they choose regardless of level or type of disability, socio-economic status, race, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other discriminatory reason.
  • Culturally Appropriate Service and Service Delivery: Community Options ensures through policy and professional development that communication, services and programs are sensitive to a diversity of individual backgrounds.
  • Naturally Occurring Proportions: Programs and classrooms include individuals with disabilities and other marginalizing factors roughly in proportion to their occurrence in the community.
  • Full Participation: Programs ensure that necessary supports are provided so that all individuals and families can participate in all activities.
  • Advocacy: Representation and support for children and families in relation to legislative and policy change related to our mission.
  • Proaction: Our role is to actively encourage programs and communities to include all children and families.
  • Family Involvement: Parents and families are encouraged to be involved and participate at a level of their own choosing.

Development and growth of the whole child

  • Children's programs should provide experiences that foster each child's growth and development as a total human being. This implies attention to the enhancement of skills in all areas of development – social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional. Programs must create an environment where friendships are facilitated; each child learns positive concepts of him/her and others and establishes wholesome patterns for feeling and behaving.

Highest ethical standards of conduct and practice

  • Programs and services must be operated according to generally accepted ethical principles and standards. At all times personnel are guided by Ethical Standards of Conduct and Practice articulated and defined by the Society in the Personnel Policy.
  • Directors and personnel adhere to the Society's Code of Ethics and the Code of Ethical Fundraising and Accountability as advocated by the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy.
  • Funding sources will be sought in accordance with Society policies developed from time to time recognizing the social conscience of the community and the ethics of the society.

Fiscal accountability

  • The organization must be fully accountable to funders and membership for the stewardship of funds.
  • Diversified sources of funding are essential to maintaining integrity and innovative capacity of the organization.