If you are looking to have your child assessed so they can access funding for our Community Preschool Education Program, we have three screening steps that will need to be completed before an assessment can take place. The tools below will provide information about your child’s basic development, social development and speech and language skills.

Once all three steps of the screening tools are complete and submitted, our team will determine the next steps for your child. The next steps may include a referral to an appropriate professional or a speech and language assessment that would be administered by one of our Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP).


*Please note: completing the following tools does not guarantee an assessment – it is a process for us to determine if an assessment is the appropriate course of action for your child.

Please complete all three steps.


Ages & Stages Questionnaires®, Third Edition (ASQ®-3)


Ages & Stages Questionnaires®: Social-Emotional, Second Edition (ASQ®:SE-2)


Questionnaire provides more information about your child's speech and language.

Once all three steps of the above screening tools have been submitted, one of our staff members will contact you with the results and let you know the next steps.

Thank you for choosing Community Options!

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