Edmonton Northwest Early Learning & Child Care Centre

Established in 1976, we are a leading educational childcare centre for children from 1 to 6 years old, located in the heart of Edmonton's Inglewood community. Our childcare centre's philosophy is rooted in the idea that all children are active citizens who deserve the right to engage and explore their environment in meaningful ways. Our Centre is accredited and works with an Alberta Curriculum Framework pedagogical leader to ensure the highest quality childcare is a priority for all children in our care.

Childcare Programming & Philosophy

Our learning environments are thoughtfully designed to inspire inquiry and socialization among our children. There are many opportunities for them to learn and to explore various indoor and outdoor settings. Our inclusive practices honour children of all abilities, respecting them all as strong and capable members of our program. 

Our Centre provides 2 healthy snacks and a lunch based on the new Canadian Food Guide. Active living and a healthy lifestyle are promoted both with our educators and the children they nurture through play and physical activity.

Family Involvement & Community Partnerships

Families are the first and most informed educator in a child's life. Family involvement creates a seamless network of care that supports a child’s growth and learning at home and in our childcare. 

Edmonton Northwest Early Learning and Child Care Centre supports the family with regular programming and celebrations. These events engage not only the child but also the family in building a strong community as we discover and explore together. 

Partnerships with families are supported by regular communication through daily conversations, newsletters, parent committees, and volunteer opportunities. 


Our Early Learning & Child Care Centre

We are located in the heart of the Inglewood community and provide quality care for children aged 1 to 6. 

Our Centre's philosophy is founded on the idea that all children are active citizens with the right to engage and explore their environment in meaningful ways. 

We have staff who have won awards and continue to contribute to the childcare profession, including a winner of the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education. Our staff are highly trained and participate in continued professional development to stay current on trends and best practices in the Early Learning field. Our Centre partners with many other agencies in the Inglewood Community to provide Family and Community Support.


The Centre is a gift to our family. Parenting is hard, and

I believe it takes a village to raise a child. Our Child Care

Centre is an integral part of our village. We have watched our sons grow and mature. We have also found an amazing community. We have made friends. We learn so much from amazing staff. This Child Care Centre is of the highest quality standard. The staff are exceptional. 

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