Location: 11515-127 Street
Phone: 780-454-9080 

Edmonton Northwest Preschool is a play-based playschool for children ages 3-5 years of age that is operated by a certified Teacher, Early Childhood Educators and parents. Parents are valued partners and contribute to the operation of our playschool.

School Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: morning program 9:00am-11:15am and afternoon program 1:00pm-3:15pm.

School Term: September to end of June: The preschool program observes all stat holidays and Edmonton Public School holidays/closures.

Eligibility: Children ages 3-5 years of age who are independent at toileting. Children must be three on or before Dec.31 of their attending school year.

Program Goals

The most important goal of our program is to give children a positive sense of self. We encourage children to explore new things, ask questions and say what they think. Our staff spends time to create an enriching environment, provoke new learning and questions, allowing the children to create new ways of thinking and problem solving.  Our staff create a positive classroom environment to promote confidence and eagerness to learn within the children.

Our program sets goals for each child in all areas of development:

  • Social: to encourage children to be comfortable at our playschool, to make friends, to feel part of a group and to work together with other children.
  • Emotional: to encourage children to feel pride and self-confidence, to develop interdependence, self-control and a positive attitude.
  • Physical: to help children enjoy indoor and outdoor play, to develop gross motor and fine motor skills and interdependence in self-help skills, to provide equipment and experiences for children to challenge themselves.
  • Cognitive: to encourage children to ask questions, make decisions, and solve problems, to encourage trying new ideas and extending their thinking, to help children become excited about learning, to provide cooperative team experiences where children learn group dynamics and working with others.
  • Creative: to provide opportunities for children to express themselves and their feelings through art, music and drama, to encourage and support imaginative thinking, to provide a variety of `projects' for the children to explore and create.

Parental Involvement

Parents are a vital component to the Reggio Emilia philosophy and to our program. Parents are viewed as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children. Early childhood staff respect parents as each child's first teacher and involve parents in every aspect of the curriculum. Parents/guardians whose children attend preschool program are members of Community Options. Membership fees are collected as a portion of the program registration fee.

While the children's play program is the primary service offered, it is recognized that the parents' stressors cannot be adequately addressed without the complementary services provided by Community Options educators. Community Options educators build trusting relationships with parents lending to the ability to work with individual parents/families to address specific needs and issues. Strong families create healthy families, which in turn creates a stronger community. Children learn through social interaction with adults and other children. Community Options educators foster and extend relationships through support guidance, and facilitation of learning through play and social interaction.


To help us continue to enhance our distinguished program, we encourage parents to join us in a diversity of fundraising efforts throughout the year.


Here are some ways your family can be involved in the play program:

  • Share a favorite family snack or recipe
  • Come to a planned event such as a potluck supper, winter party, or summer barbeque
  • Donate materials for the program
  • Suggest a field trip
  • Make suggestions to staff about a new activity or idea
  • Enrty Door Monitoring & Toy Cleaning

Community Options is a Non-Profit Society and Parents as members may volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors.