All families hope that their children will create friendships, and live a fulfilling life of happiness and joy. For all children, especially those that need extra support, our inclusive early learning and childcare programs provide an optimal opportunity to achieve goals and maximize their potential. Community Options offers children an enriching experience, positively impacting lifelong learning, behaviour, health and quality of life. The role of parents in childcare and upbringing remains of primary importance; the supportive relationship between staff and families is key to success in the services we offer. Our early learning and care options are characterized by a curriculum based on children’s development needs and interests, trained teaching staff, specialized support services and continued leadership facilitating program improvement.

Community Options is a non-profit charitable organization, registered in 1976, which has provided services to children and their families since 1977 in the Edmonton and the surrounding area. Community Options' priority at all times is the well-being of children, families and communities.