All families hope that their children will create friendships, and live a fulfilling life of happiness and joy. For all children, especially those that need extra support, our inclusive early learning and childcare programs provide an optimal opportunity to achieve goals and maximize their potential. Community Options offers children an enriching experience, positively impacting lifelong learning, behaviour, health and quality of life. The role of parents in childcare and upbringing remains of primary importance; the supportive relationship between staff and families is key to success in the services we offer. Our early learning and care options are characterized by a curriculum based on children’s development needs and interests, trained teaching staff, specialized support services and continued leadership facilitating program improvement.

Community Options is a non-profit charitable organization, registered in 1976, which has provided services to children and their families since 1977 in the Edmonton and the surrounding area. Community Options' priority at all times is the well-being of children, families and communities.


"The staff from Community Options we worked with became like family. They cared deeply about our son Sullivan and we always felt involved and part of the process to help him with his disabilities, including a severe speech delay. Embrace their help. This is an amazing organization with a big heart."
-- Katherine 


 "The staff from Community Options worked hard to develop trust with our kids. They took the time to learn about our kids strengths and interests. We saw our kids grow and thrive because of the tailored supports they received through Community Options.
Having kids with different needs can be overwhelming at times. Our teams understood this and made sure to suggest home strategies that were tired to our childrens' interests and easy to add into our family life. We were able to have fun with our kids, while supporting their growth!
All the staff at Community Options took the time to answer our questions and find information we needed to help our kids. No stone when unturned! They checked in with us often to see how things were going and shared their wisdom when we got stuck. They also connected us to services in the health system when we needed specialized care for our kids."
"We are so thankful for the incredible support that Community Options provided to our daughter Poppy over the last two years in supporting her speech and language development. Poppy was born prematurely and due to fluid in her ears, had a severe expressive language delay. Through the speech therapy assistance Poppy received through Community Options, as well as the ongoing encouragement and advice our family received to be able to better support Poppy in her journey, Poppy has shown amazing progress and will be entering kindergarten essentially caught up to her peers in her development. Through the support from Community Options, Poppy literally gained her voice -- and as her speech improved we have seen a corresponding increase in her self-confidence and ability to express herself. We will be forever grateful for Community Options and the support it has provided to Poppy in literally helping her have a positive start in life." 
-- Brian & Denise 
"Thank you Community Options for your continued support of the past 2+ decades to the families and children in our Centre's program. Together, we have been able to make a positive impact on all the lives we have touched.
Although we have had lots of success stories, I would like to share the success story of one particular child who joined our Centre when he was three, He was diagnosed with a language delay and Autism. He was hypersensitive to oral stimuli causing him to gag. He was not able to chew anything, and was fed food in the form of smoothies, in a milk bottle with the tip cut off. Community Option's provided us with an Occupational Therapist, a Speech Pathologist and a very dedicated Teacher, who helped the child overcome his fears. By the time the child left our Centre, he was chewing and swallowing carrot sticks, as well as his regular food. After that, the child joined a private school and three years ago he graduated with honors at the top of his class (grade 12) and is now completing his business degree from UBC. The one particular child cemented our partnership all those years ago and we've never looked back since then."
-- Riverbend Montessori
"Community Options came highly recommended as an agency for our son, who receives PUF. From the first day, his team provided expert, practical, and successful strategies and skills. They responded to all communication quickly and did home visits as needed. We felt they truly cared about our son and the progress he has made in he last year was more than we expected. We are so grateful to Community Options."
-- April 


"Community Options have been wonderful to work with! My child is supported with his severe speech delay by a team of people who have each been responsive and positive. He has made huge gains this year and enjoys the activities they engage him in to meet his goals. The team has been proactive in insuring appropriate support continues as he transitions into kindergarten in the fall and we are much appreciative of having this wrap around support during these early years. "


"Community Options has been a huge support to our family over the past two years. Our Coordinating Teacher and Educational Assistant were able to follow our child through preschool and kindergarten, and we had great Occupational Therapists both years. For the second year, we also had behavioural support in the home. We all enjoyed attending the family-orientated programming. We are grateful for how his team went above and beyond, including attending psychiatrist appointments, observing him when he was a program at the Glenrose, attending follow-up parent meetings, coming to school events at Christmas and year end and providing great support to his teachers. Over the two years with the help of Community Options, our child showed great progress in a number of areas and our whole family benefited  from their genuine care for him."


"We can't believe how much our child has progressed over the past couple of years. Thanks to the Community Options team, we are much more confident in our child can communicate with the people around him. Your help came truly at a very important juncture in our child;s life, as they transition from daycare to kindergarten.
I don't think we can express our gratitude enough. I wish the Community Options team all the best as you continue to provide invaluable support to those who need it the most. "
-- Anonymous 


"We're in denial that this year is over. Community Options has been such an amazing support for Samuel and our family, it's like we are moving away from friends because of how sad we are to not have your amazing team in Sam's corner next year. Thank you for all your team did this year helping Sam be the best he could be. This year would have never been as successful as it was, had it not been for your team. You are all a talented group of ladies and do amazing at your jobs. I know I said it before, but I am going to say hi again, thank you for all you have done. You made a different in Sam's and our lives, and have left a mark on our lives, and especially our hearts." 
-- Jessica & Michael